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You are here because you are curious. You want to know more. You might be at a place in your life where you feel called to do more but don't know where to start. You may feel you have something to share but you're not sure how to share! You need a platform and an opportunity to reach outside of yourself and inspire change. Beachbody can be that platform for you to share those things that have been in you and will allow you to share your heart and inspire other women. 

Please watch the following video from me and then you will have the opportunity to either apply to get started as a Team Beachbody Coach, or book a call with me to ask questions and learn more. I am looking for action-oriented individuals so please only fill out the form/book a call if you are ready to take action in pursuing this opportunity. I look forward to mentoring you as you begin!!!! ~Lauren Duke

Key points to remember:

- A coach does NOT have to be in the best shape of his/her life to start coaching people. It's actually very inspiring to watch a coach start from day one as they ask others to join them on their fitness journey! I have star diamond coaches who are still on their journeys and making $1000/week! You can be successful in this business and not be in the greatest shape. When I started, I couldn't do pushups on my hands and toes. I had didn’t have muscle tone and my digestive system was struggling. But people LIKE to see that! As weird as it sounds, it's relatable! And think of the accountability factor for YOU! That's the KEY! You want to be an inspiration for others so this is going to hold you accountable to your own fitness goals.

- A coach is NOT a fitness professional, doctor, nutritionist etc... We are people who love these products, use them and want to help others get on the right track in online challenge groups using Shakeology and a great home fitness program! So we basically 1) talk to them about their goals and build the relationship. 2) Recommend what challenge pack would fit them best based on what their goals are. 3) Put them in a challenge group with other challengers for support and accountability!

- This should not feel like "sales." A coach focuses on building relationships with people, talks to people about their goals and provides inspiration/motivation for others by using the products. We will discuss later the basics of "sharing" these products effectively so you can have some challengers in your groups each month and never have to pay for your products ever again because of the residual income.

- And finally, you will be sponsoring other coaches who are going to do the same activities you do! You will become a mentor and a leader and OH MY GOSH I know that sounds scary but growing a team of coaches to work with is seriously the BEST part! You're going to constantly be around other like-minded people who are goal-driven and positive! It is going to change your LIFE. My team is my FAMILY and SUPPORT! Seriously, the most inspiring and supportive group of people! You're about to be apart of the Fit Fam you never knew you had.